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Dairy wastewater challenges

Wastewater and waste products are created at all stages of dairy processing, including cow water, whey, skimmed fat; to waste/off spec products and wastewater treatment residuals such as waste DAF float and waste sludge. Dairies are starting to look at waste and wastewater streams not as “Waste” but rather as a potential resource – for renewable power production and water recycling.

Renewable energy from dairy wastewater

GWE’s ANUBIX™ anaerobic reactors (UASB and EGSB) remove and convert organics in your wastewater (soluble BOD and COD) into biogas – a renewable energy source that can be used to replace natural gas, or generate steam and/or electricity to power ayour dairy.

GWE’s FLOTAMET™ anaerobic system maximizes green biogas production by converting both soluble and insoluble BOD/COD into biogas in a single treatment step. This process can treat wastewater containing > 150 mg/l FOG.

The treated dairy wastewater can then either be discharged to your local sewer (without paying surcharges) or further treated using GWE aerobic technologies for water reuse or direct discharge to a water body.

Global Water & Energy – Your partner for Dairy Wastewater projects!

Water reuse for dairies

GWE’s MEMBROX™ aerobic membrane bio-reactor (MBR) remove organics and nutrients from your wastewater and generates reuse-quality effluent directly.

This membrane-filtered wastewater can then be disinfected and recycled for various uses in your dairy, or further treated with Reverse Osmosis (RO) to replace city water directly – both reducing your overall water consumption.

The whole range of modern water treatment technologies within GWE’s portfolio is here to support your business on the way to sustainability and saving money.

GWE can assist you through all project phases from:

  • Evaluating your existing assets;
  • Developing of influent and effluent specifications;
  • Engineering the lowest life-cycle cost solution;
  • Building the wastewater treatment plant.

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