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Spare Parts

Spare parts & standard equipment delivery

It is always a challenge to maintain uninterrupted operation of a wastewater treatment system, especially those with multiple unit operations and many pieces of individual equipment, instrumentation, and control equipment. For the safe and reliable operation of your plant, you should have quick access to all critical spare components, including the chemical consumables your biological system needs to maintain performance.

You can count on GWE to deliver the best quality equipment with long, reliable service lives, but maintenance of a ready supply of critical spare parts is always an important part of responsible management of a treatment system.

With every system, GWE provides guidance regarding vital and non-critical spare parts and components and can source and supply such as needed, GWE can offer:

  • Direct OEM and non-OEM consumables supply;
  • Direct OEM spare parts supply;
  • New equipment supply.

The wide variety of projects executed by GWE contributes to our expertise when it comes to the most suitable types of instrumentation and standard equipment that should be utilized at industrial wastewater treatment and biogas generation facilities.

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