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GLOBAL WATER & ENERGY (GWE), a member of the Global Water Engineering Group of Companies, and since 2023 part of the Ekopak Group, is a solution provider to the global marketplace for industrial wastewater treatment, water reuse, and production of green energy. To that end, GWE offers state-of-the-art technologies to assist industries and private owners in their efforts to grow while reducing the costs of doing business.

From some of the world’s leading anaerobic wastewater treatment and organic waste-to-energy processes to a variety of top-of-the-line aerobic technologies, GWE has one of the most extensive portfolios of technology for industrial wastewater management, water reuse, and renewable energy generation/utilization.

With hundreds of worldwide installations and over 40 years of application experience, we can tackle the toughest wastewater and organic waste-to-energy problems. 


We can provide design, technology, and services packages for any of our proprietary technologies, or if desired, complete turnkey services including complete design, construction, and installation of the entire system (in conjunction with engineering and construction partners).


Our experienced team and optimized project execution procedures allow us successfully to finish every project in a timely fashion. All projects are executed in accordance with GWE’s Quality Assurance System, based on ISO 9001-2014 standards. Our uncompromising dedication to our customers makes GWE your reliable partner, whether you are a small local firm, a multinational corporation, or global Fortune 500 company.


Through the collaboration of GWE and Ekopak, the group will now be a full solution partner for water and wastewater treatment.

In either case, we offer performance guarantees and aftercare support 
to ensure peace of mind for our clients.

Mission Statement

GWE aims to be a reliable supplier of water and wastewater treatment technologies of the highest standards, adapted to each specific situation, and at affordable prices. GWE supplies practical and modern technologies and “best buy” solutions that provide consistent performance, meet all guarantees, and fully satisfy our clients and business partners.


Our founder, Jean-Pierre Ombregt, was a pioneer of modern anaerobic wastewater treatment, and his involvement in the development of our Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) systems, GWE’s ANUBIX™ product line, dates back as far as 1972.


Throughout the years, GWE has developed an extended network of qualified local partners in more than 20 countries and currently operates globally through regional offices in Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Philippines, Thailand & USA.

Timeline: Anaerobic wastewater treatment and GWE

1977: First R&D work with Prof. Willy Verstraete, at the University of Gent, Belgium

1978: First anaerobic pilot plant system installed at an enzymes factory in Belgium

1979: First anaerobic UASB installation on industrial wastewater in Belgium (2nd such installation in the world)

1984: Incorporation of Biotim N.V. in Belgium and development of an international licensee network

1991: Reorganization of Biotim N.V. and separation of its Asian activities under a new company called ENVIROASIA, founded by J.P. Ombregt

1999: ENVIROASIA begins expansion into other world markets, following the end of the agreement with Biotim

2003: Rebranding of ENVIROASIA to GLOBAL WATER ENGINEERING, to reflect our now worldwide reach

2005: Expansion of GWE portfolio of anaerobic processes

2006: Expansion into “green” energy and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) driven biogas projects

2010: GWE enters the organic Waste-to-Energy marketplace with RAPTOR®.

2012: Creation of our O&M (Operations & Maintenance) Department

2014: RAPTOR® waste-to-energy technology wins the IChemE ‘Energy Award’

2016: GWE takes over 100% ownership of American JV subsidiary Global Water & Energy, LLC.


2023: GWE becomes part of Ekopak Sustainable Water

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