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Laboratory Equipment & Analysis

Full wastewater characteristics

A detailed characterization of the raw wastewater is always a necessary step before the design of a new installation, the upgrade or re-design of an existing plant. GWE can either collect samples from your facility for analysis or provide guidance on the required parameters, and you may use your own, local, a third-party laboratory for the analyses.

Once this data is available, the GWE team can comprehensively assess the applicability of your industrial waste and wastewater streams to various forms of biological treatment and even for beneficial biogas generation.

Treatment process quality control

An existing plant may also lack the proper equipment for suitable monitoring of process parameters. For the quality control of critical (waste)water parameters essential for smooth operation of the treatment process, GWE can deliver easy-to-use laboratory equipment to collect samples and perform basic (waste)water analysis. Your operators will receive the necessary theoretical and practical training on the analysis performed for the proper follow-up of the plant performance.

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