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Operation and Maintenance

The full scope of O&M Services

If you need some ‘extra hands’ to run your treatment plant, GWE can offer you skilled process engineers and technicians, to assist with, or take over, your day to day operations and maintenance.


Your installation will be handled with long-term sustainability and high production efficiency in mind. Efficient services, regardless of your facility location, are possible thanks to our worldwide network of qualified local partners and GWE branch offices around the world.



Contact GWE today.

Let us design a custom-made O&M program that will fulfill your business’s needs, and we guarantee:
  • Working together in partnership for the long-term benefits of your company;
  • Delivery of expert personnel and stable plant operation;
  • Direct access to proven technologies;
  • Continuous process monitoring and optimal OPEX of your plant;
  • Compliance with discharge limits;
  • Feedback to factory production facilities to assist in efficient housekeeping at the wastewater source.

GWE staff is available for long-term operations or to assist in emergencies.


Thanks to the GWE’s full scope of services, all of your operational needs will be addressed efficiently.

We also believe that good housekeeping at the wastewater source, the production facility, is one of the critical requirements to keep the treatment facility functioning at a high level. Thus we provide feedback on wastewater treatment operations, to the production facility lead personnel, to help facilitate cooperation between production and treatment, helping to ensure the long-term success of both. 


Production slow-downs or stops can be caused by treatment plant upsets, so it’s important that all personnel works towards the goal of maintaining stable operation.

You can count on us for effective O&M of:

  • Advanced anaerobic wastewater treatment plants;
  • Biogas utilization plants;
  • Organic waste-to-energy plants, both industrial and municipal.

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