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ODORIX™ Biofilter System For WWTP Odor Control

The ODORIX™ biofilter is an effective odor control system for biological wastewater treatment facilities. The ODORIX™ biofilter is built either as a rectangular or cylindrical tank, from corrosion free high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It consists of an air moistening chamber with spray nozzles, and a recycle pump and a filter chamber.

Odor in industrial wastewater treatment facilities can originate from many areas of the plant, such as pump pits, equalization basins, aeration tanks, clarifiers, anaerobic reactors and many other sources. For strict odor control, these basins and chambers should be enclosed or covered with removable elements and the waste air removed from the headspace of the basins and delivered to an odor-eliminating system.

How can ODORIX™ benefit your business?

  • Efficiently degrades odorous compounds, organic acids, and hydrogen sulfide;
  • Your odor removal costs are lower than the removal process by chemical scrubbing;
  • The locally-available filter material is used for your maximum operating convenience;
  • The system is long-lasting thanks to the application of corrosion-free materials;
  • Filter’s robust design ensures simple maintenance.

How does ODORIX™ work?

Odorous air is delivered to the ODORIX™ via a fan or fans and passed through the bed of filter media. A water spray keeps the filter environment moist, to provide ideal conditions for microbial growth within the filter. Various microorganisms (molds, bacteria) grow in the wet filter layer and degrade or oxidize the odorous compounds dissolved in the damp material. Organic acids are degraded. Hydrogen sulfide is oxidized to sulfur and sulfuric acid, which is then neutralized by lime added to the filter media as a buffer.

This biofilter is designed according to German VDI guidelines for biofilters and built as either a rectangular or cylindrical tank, from corrosion free high-density polyethylene (HDPE). If requested, the biofilter can even be engineered in a concrete-tank version.

The ODORIX™ includes an air moistening chamber with spraying nozzles and a recycle pump and a filter chamber. Freshwater is added periodically via a timer-controlled magnetic valve, compensating for evaporation losses and keeping the filter media moist. The odorous air is then passed through this moist organic layer in the large filter chamber, where it is treated and deodorized. The filter media generally has a lifetime of 1 – 2 years, depending on the H2S content of the waste gas.

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