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BIO-SULFURIX™ biological biogas scrubber for hydrogen sulfide removal

GWE’s other scrubber technology is called the BIO-SULFURIX™. A pure biological scrubber, the BIO-SULFURIX™, is a complete scrubbing system, able to reduce low to medium concentrations of H2S to levels suitable for use in electrical gensets and boilers. When very high H2S concentrations are present, or extremely low limits must be met, the system can be paired with GWE’s SULFURIX™ and/or activated carbon filters, to tackle the toughest applications.

Other than a small nutrient feed, the BIO-SULFURIX™ does not require chemicals or costly media replacement, making it a very economical solution for gas desulfurization.


How can a BIO-SULFURIX™ benefit your business?

  • Your boilers and biogas engines are protected from corrosion and premature failure;
  • The desulfurization unit has a long life due to its construction in corrosion-free materials.

How does the BIO-SULFURIX™ work?

The system consists of a BIO-SULFURIX™ scrubber tower, a non-clogging inlet distribution system and a layer of non-clogging, randomly-packed media. Within the BIO-SULFURIX™ tower, the biogas passes through a layer of carrier material on which sulfur-oxidizing bacteria grow.

A small amount of air is injected into the tower, to allow the aerobic bacteria to convert H2S into sulfate and ultimately, sulfuric acid. The media is continuously wetted by a recirculating liquid containing the diluted sulfuric acid. A regular blowdown of the sulfur-laden liquid ensures the optimal conditions for the bacteria to grow. No waste products are produced, as the sulfur is ultimately returned to an aerobic treatment system as sulfate or diluted and sent to a local sewer.

The H2S concentration in the biogas leaving the BIO-SULFURIX™ is typically lower than 100 – 200 ppm, depending on the H2S load. The design and cost of a BIO-SULFURIX™ system are determined by the sulfur load, more than by the biogas flow, which makes BIO-SULFURIX™ best suited for treating biogas with medium to low H2S concentrations.

GWE’s SULFURIX™ and BIO-SULFURIX™ can be installed in new facilities or incorporated into existing anaerobic digestion installations. Depending on the client’s needs, a biogas blower can be added to bring the biogas pressure up, for cases where it must be transported some distance to the utilization system. BIO-SULFURIX™ scrubbers come in standard sizes but are custom-fit to meet your specific needs.

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