Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs 2019 | March 19 – 21 | Evenementenhal Gorinchem, Netherlands

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and ask about the possibility of turning industrial wastewater into green energy to reduce the fossil fuel dependency of your business!


For the 13th time, top specialists from Dutch water and wastewater treatment sector meet in Gorinchem to showcase their technologies and latest innovations. All looking for advanced solutions to enhance the sustainable development of their companies we encourage to visit GWE stand #L.135.

The high value of industrial wastewater

Hundreds of our clients have experienced production cost reduction thanks to application of our technologies.

Beer & beverage producers, food industries, biofuels manufacturers, pulp and paper mills, chemical industries generating wastewater high in organic contamination, all have saved millions of dollars by using produced during anaerobic wastewater treatment processes biogas, as fuel at their production sites.

Many business owners and managers are unaware of the profitability and a high number of anaerobic solutions that are available for the treatment of the wastewater, sediment, slurries, or other organic post-production waste.

Our colleagues will gladly help with understanding the energy potential of your wastewater and advise you on the treatment technology and the possibility of biogas valorization.

Effluent reuse to reduce water demand for the industry

By closing the water loop at your production plant, you conserve valuable supplies of freshwater. Effluent reuse plant is always designed based on your chosen application, whether as cleaning water, irrigation, cooling applications, and/or process water.

Meet us in Gorinchem and learn about innovative water and wastewater treatment solutions for the most demanding industrial applications!

Not in the Netherlands this March? Contact GWE today to know more about our wastewater treatment and effluent reuse solutions!