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Ekopak acquires industry peer Global Water & Energy


Tielt (Belgium), 14 September 2023 – 8h45 CEST


Ekopak, a company specializing in decentralized, circular water solutions, announces the acquisition of Global Water & Energy (GWE), a privately held company headquartered in Bruges, Belgium, with subsidiaries in Europe, Southeast Asia and North America. GWE specializes in solutions for industrial wastewater treatment, water reuse and green energy production.


Strong geographical and technological complementarity


This acquisition provides exceptional geographic, cross-sector and technological complementarity. GWE is mainly active on the international market, largely outside Europe, while Ekopak has established itself mainly in Western Europe.


With this acquisition Ekopak becomes a full solution partner and a global player in the field of water reuse. This partnership allows Ekopak & GWE to meet the needs of the industry, ensure the availability of water of the highest quality while meeting stringent local discharge standards.


In terms of expertise, GWE is strong in the field of wastewater treatment, while Ekopak is enormously versed in the field of circular water use. Both companies will continue to operate under their own names, but will approach the market together when appropriate.


Pieter Loose, CEO Ekopak: "The sector offers enormous opportunities, but it is evolving rapidly. Responding in a timely manner requires broad expertise and a certain scale. Together, we can play a leading role in the current wave of consolidation within the sector. There is an unseen complementarity between GWE and Ekopak. In terms of expertise, GWE’s strength lies in wastewater treatment, while Ekopak is enormously skilled in the field of circular water use. We notice more and more that our customers are looking for both solutions. We also complement each other perfectly geographically. The integration of both companies offers us a unique opportunity, at the most opportune moment in the evolution of the sector. The time is now! We go for it!"


Uli Ombregt, CEO Global Water & Energy: "Both Ekopak and GWE have large branches of international companies as customers. The successes we achieve at these sites prompt those groups to implement similar solutions in other locations around the world. Our cooperation puts us at the forefront for this. The opportunities are endless... For example, GWE has many major customers in the brewing and food sectors, while Ekopak has a foothold in many multinationals in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. From now on we can pool our expertise and offer joint solutions for all these companies, in all these industrial sectors. GWE's DNA and corporate culture fit perfectly with those of Ekopak. In terms of teamwork, it will definitely be a flying start."


Ekopak acquires 100% of the shares of the GWE Group, which from now on will be included in Ekopak's consolidation scope. With this acquisition, group sales for Ekopak for 2023 are expected to be EUR 35-38 million (group sales 2022: EUR 18 million). The Ekopak group employs about 230 people in total.

GWE, a hidden gem

GWE offers high-quality water treatment and wastewater treatment technologies adapted to each customer's specific situation. Jean-Pierre Ombregt, a pioneer in modern anaerobic wastewater treatment and active in that sector since 1972, founded Global Water & Energy in 1991. Over the years, GWE has developed an extensive network of qualified local partners in more than 20 countries and currently operates worldwide through regional offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Thailand and the US. Although water treatment is still GWE's main business, the group is also active in water reuse, biogas valorization, odor control and biomass energy. GWE has a loyal customer base of reputable international companies from diverse sectors such as beer and beverage, food, pulp and paper, waste treatment and energy, distilleries and biofuels.

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About Ekopak Sustainable Water

Ekopak is an ESG-driven company that markets circular water solutions. Ekopak's solutions offer industrial customers the opportunity to significantly reduce their water consumption from the water mains network in a sustainable, dependable, and cost-effective manner and to treat their wastewater. Ekopak also enables its customers to disconnect from the regular water network and initiate circular water use. To this end, Ekopak focuses on optimizing water consumption with container water treatment units that convert off-grid water sources, such as rainwater, surface water, and/or waste water into purer water that can be used and reused in the customer's industrial processes.

From its facilities in Tielt and Bruges (BE), Ekopak operates in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom and several other countries. Since the integration of Global Water & Energy (GWE) in September 2023, the group operates worldwide, including countries such as the Netherlands, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and the US.

All Ekopak shares are listed on Euronext Brussels (ticker EKOP).

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For more information, contact:

Melissa Vanhoecke, Marketing Manager Ekopak

+32 496 36 22 17


Els De Keukelaere, CFO Ekopak

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Arjan den Breejen – CCO/EVP Sales, Global Water & Energy Group

+31 6 2487 3487


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