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Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Overview

Highly effective and able to generate very high-quality effluents, aerobic biological wastewater treatment processes were once the solution applied to treat most types of industrial wastewater. Nowadays, with far greater emphasis on energy-efficiency and the minimization of residuals (i.e. waste sludge), they are mostly limited to diluted industrial wastewaters and municipal applications, and as a polishing step after anaerobic treatment.


However, when strict discharge requirements are present, it is still impossible to design a full biological treatment for any type of wastewater without applying at least one aerobic step. Therefore, our portfolio of technologies also includes a variety of different aerobic treatment systems. This way we are able to offer you a complete range of wastewater treatment solutions able to meet any discharge requirements.

In aerobic biological treatment processes, organic pollution is converted to carbon dioxide and water. The process requires active aerobic biomass and supplying oxygen to the reactor in order for the treatment to take place.








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