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Biogas Flares

GWE offers four different types of flares, with an individual flare capacity of up to 2000 m³/h (scfm).

  • Elevated Flare or Candlestick-Type is a basic, low-cost flare, with a free, visible, “elevated” flame.
  • Shielded Flare is a medium-cost flare, with a largely hidden flame within a “shield”.
  • Ground or “Enclosed” Flare is a flare in which the flame is burning within a stainless-steel chimney. An invisible flame, two-step ignition, and high-temperature incineration are key features. When strict emissions levels are needed, a ground flare must be employed.
  • Portable Flare is a ground/enclosed flare installed in a container or skid-mounted for portability.

For safety purposes, all anaerobic plants must be equipped with an emergency biogas flare, to permit disposal of biogas when it cannot be utilized. GWE offer flares suitable for operation at low to medium pressure ranges (< 50 mbar) without the need for biogas blowers or fans to boost the pressure. Moreover, they are appropriate for continuous burning over a wide range of biogas flows (5-100% of design flow).

This way the balloons or other biogas storage unit is not necessary to keep the biogas pressure constant within the anaerobic reactor.

The choice of flare type will depend on your preference (i.e. a visible flame or not) and on local regulatory requirements (i.e. air emission levels).

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