The GWE SULFURIX™ family of scrubbers for effective biogas desulfurization

Biogas is classified as a “dirty” gas, containing a number of different gases, not only the sought-after methane component. Hydrogen sulfide is nearly always present and often must be removed before the biogas can be utilized in power generators or modern steam boilers. There are two primary reasons for this: to reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions and comply with local air quality regulations, and to ensure the optimal operation and corrosion prevention within the biogas combustion and exhaust systems.

There are several methods by which biogas can be scrubbed, including absorbent media, biological treatment, and chemical systems. GWE offers two proprietary technologies that will efficiently desulfurize your biogas stream, as well as conventional activated carbon filters for tertiary polishing of the gas when very low H2S levels are required.


For over 15 years, GWE’s desulfurization technologies have been some of the most effective systems on the market for treating biogas with 0.5 to 5% H2S concentrations.

The SULFURIX™ wet biogas scrubber for hydrogen sulfide removal

sulfurix wet scrubber

SULFURIX™ wet scrubber system provides the perfect blend of high performance and simple, efficient operation, placing it far ahead of competing technologies. The SULFURIX™ process requires no chemical addition or costly media replacement, making it an extremely economical solution for biogas scrubbing, as operating costs are very low.

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Technology: biogas scrubber, wet scrubber, desulfurization.

BIO-SULFURIX™ biological biogas scrubber for hydrogen sulfide removal

bio-sulfurix biogas desulfurization

A pure biological scrubber, the BIO-SULFURIX™, is a complete scrubbing system, able to reduce low to medium concentrations of H2S to levels suitable for use in electrical gensets and boilers. When very high H2S concentrations are present, or extremely low limits must be met, the system can be paired with GWE’s SULFURIX™. and/or activated carbon filters, to tackle the toughest applications.

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Technology: biogas scrubber, biological scrubber, desulfurization.

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