Physical-chemical treatment

Physical-chemical wastewater treatment

Biological treatment is not always the best, or at least not the complete, solution to all industrial wastewater applications. The wide range of possible impurities in industrial wastewater streams sometimes requires the employment of several physical-chemical treatment steps to remove the contaminants to a level that will allow for the discharge or reuse of the wastewater.

Dissolved contaminants, suspended matter, and fats, oils, and grease (FOG) can require other technologies and solutions for effective treatment. If you need an efficient wastewater treatment system, designed with a focus on minimal maintenance, GWE can deliver a tailor-made, turn-key solution that will consistently meet all requirements.

Flagship physical-chemical treatment technologies from GWE

SUPERSEP™ – CF Crossflow lamella-type solids separator

This compact, crossflow system can be used in various applications where solids separation is required, from primary settling to tertiary clarification. SUPERSEP™ – CF is a unique lamella-type separator (parallel plate separator), with modular plate package modules.

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Technology: solid separation, crossflow lamella separator.

SUPERSEP™ – DF Downflow solids separator

For specific cases where available space is an issue and high-efficiency is required, GWE has developed the SUPERSEP™ – DF system. This highly efficient downflow parallel plate separator is available in standardized sizes and separation modules.

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Technology: solid separation, downflow separator.


GWE’s SUPERFLOT™ – AIR system can be used for pretreatment of wastewater to remove organic content solids and FOG, or for solids/liquid separation after aerobic treatment. Furthermore, when the SUPERFLOT™ – AIR is supported by a coagulation/flocculation step or another physical-chemical process, it is an effective tertiary treatment for final effluent polishing.

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Technology: dissolved air flotation, DAF, fat removal, pretreatment, tertiary treatment.


The SUPERFLOT™ – BIOGAS is used for high-efficiency separation of anaerobic biomass from the effluent of an anaerobic treatment system. The biomass from the anaerobic system is separated from treated effluent in a Dissolved Biogas Flotation process. Separated sludge is collected and can be returned to the anaerobic system, thus increasing the reactor sludge retention time. Consequently, the size of the anaerobic treatment system can be reduced or the treatment capacity enhanced.

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Technology: dissolved biogas flotation, DBF, solids separation.

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