Sustainable solutions for the food industry

Nowadays, the treatment of waste streams from many types of food processing facilities can include recovery of both energy and water, in order to minimize the impact of the factory on any nearby community and local environment.

As treatment technologies have progressed and improved, the overall sustainability of food and beverage production plants has also improved, with significant reductions in energy and water use, carbon footprint, and general environmental impact. This has helped fuel further growth of many businesses and helped sustain their position in the marketplace.

Depending on the nature of production and products generated, food processing wastewaters can contain a wide range of concentrations of impurities, from low to high levels of organic pollutants, suspended solids, fats, oil and grease (FOG), proteins, and even ammonia.

With a portfolio of advanced anaerobic, aerobic and physical-chemical processes, GWE can offer you a complete tailor-made solution that will efficiently handle your waste, and when possible, generate renewable energy and useful end products, for further profit and value.

GWE has the technology and know-how to transform your wastewater into valuable end products and energy. Contacts us today!