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New high-rate anaerobic WWTP

One world’s largest brewers has decided to replace their existing wastewater treatment plant with two new ANUBIX-T EGSB reactors from Global Water & Energy. Due to the increasing demand for 0 % alcohol beer, the brewery has decided to use the extracted alcohol for production of green energy. The surplus alcohol will be fed together with the main wastewater stream to a new anaerobic wastewater treatment plant.

In a further effort towards Carbon neutrality, the brewery will maximize the energy recovery in the brewing process. As a result the wastewater temperature will be lower than usual. By utilizing the ANUBIX-T™ EGSB technology it will be possible to treat the wastewater at the lower temperature.


The increased biogas production will be used for production of steam in the brewery leading to the afore-mentioned Carbon neutrality.


With the award for the two reactors in the Netherlands, Global Water & Energy continues its role as preferred supplier for many breweries worldwide. In 2022 alone, Global Water & Energy has been awarded projects for breweries in Africa (Nigeria, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia), United Kingdom, Cuba, Malaysia and Mexico.

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