SUPERSEP™ the most effective lamella separators on the market!

The applicability of the lamella separators is extensive and covers both water and wastewater treatment sectors. Those clarifiers are an excellent choice for removal of the fine-sized solids. Due to the small footprint of the lamella clarifiers, they are very well suited for industrial applications where the space of the treatment plant is limited. SUPERSEP™ – DF has been successfully applied by us in many projects as a pretreatment of the industrial wastewater prior to the high-rate treatment. Later developed GWE’s crossflow unit – SUPERSEP™ – CF is operated similarly to our sludge separation system applied in ANUBIX™, our anaerobic reactors.

With over 20 years of operation and optimization behind it remains one of the best lamella separators on the market.

SUPERSEP™ – CF Crossflow lamella-type solids separator

supersep cf

This compact, crossflow system can be used in various applications where solids separation is required, from primary settling to tertiary clarification. SUPERSEP™ – CF is a unique lamella-type separator (parallel plate separator), with modular plate package modules.

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Technology: solid separation, crossflow lamella separator.

SUPERSEP™ – DF Downflow solids separator

supersep df

For specific cases where available space is an issue and high-efficiency is required, GWE has developed the SUPERSEP™ – DF system. This highly efficient downflow parallel plate separator is available in standardized sizes and separation modules.

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Technology: solid separation, downflow separator.

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