SUPERFLOT™ Dissolved Gas Flotation Systems for effective FOG and solids removal!

SUPERFLOT™ technologies offer efficient removal of solids at every stage of an industrial wastewater treatment plant. As a stand-alone system, a GWE SUPERFLOT™ unit is highly effective in the removal of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from industrial wastewater streams.

As a component of our FLOTAMET™ anaerobic technology, it provides superior solids-liquid separation for clarification of the anaerobic reactor effluent, biomass retention in the system, and overall stability of the biological treatment process.

SUPERFLOT™ – AIR Dissolved Air Flotation

SUPERFLOT™ for effective FOG and solids removal IOT

GWE’s SUPERFLOT™ – AIR system can be used for pretreatment of wastewater to remove organic content solids and FOG, or for solids/liquid separation after aerobic treatment. Furthermore, when the SUPERFLOT™ – AIR is supported by a coagulation/ flocculation step or another physical-chemical process, it is an effective tertiary treatment for final effluent polishing.

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Technology: dissolved air flotation, DAF, fat removal, pretreatment, tertiary treatment.

SUPERFLOT™ – BIOGAS Dissolved Biogas Flotation


The SUPERFLOT™ – BIOGAS is used for high-efficiency separation of anaerobic biomass from the effluent of anaerobic treatment system. The biomass from the anaerobic system is separated from treated effluent in a Dissolved Biogas Flotation process. Separated sludge is collected and can be returned to the anaerobic system, thus increasing the reactor sludge retention time. Consequently, the size of the anaerobic treatment system can be reduced or the treatment capacity enhanced.

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Technology: dissolved biogas flotation, DBF, solids separation.

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