Benefit from 30 years of operational experience of GWE

From simple technical assistance to the provisions of integrated wastewater services, you can count on GWE to assist you to optimize your installation’s performance.

As we draw on the comprehensive knowledge and technical expertise gained throughout the years, you can trust us to provide a full range of solutions that will meet your needs and increase your plant efficiency in a safe and cost-effective manner. We guarantee you a close follow up and full support at all times.

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Operation and reporting accomplishments

  • 30% more of COD load treated and more biogas produced during the first year of operation
  • Improved feeding strategy of the COD sources to the individual treatment units
  • Stable performance of the wastewater treatment plants & boosted reliability
  • An improved insight of Operational Managers, Chief Operators & staff on Fundamentals of Bio Gas Production
  • Optimized monitoring of the plants
  • Clear and structured reporting of operation data and events
  • Regular Operations meetings with Operators & General workers to promote good communication and teamwork

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