Posted By GWE / October 7, 2021

 ‘ Investing in the future ’ is definitely something our client Bowen & Bowen knows all about.

The addition of our ANUBIXTM-B system to the existing WWTP allows B&B to responsibly handle the increased amount of wastewater due to the expansion of their production process.

Like Manuel Lanza, water consultant at Bowen & Bowen, says: “We are expanding into other products and beverages and needed the expansion of the WWTP. This decision came about after seeing similar projects done by GWE in Central America and the benefits derived from its effectiveness in treating brewery/soft drinks wastewater to standards way beyond the local and external standers and regulations”

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Quite impressive, the manufacturing of our BIO-SULFURIX SYSTEM™🔨

Posted By GWE / September 28, 2021

We are delivering two Turn-Key projects for biogas treatment and utilization for one of the leading breweries in Mexico. The BIO SULFURIXTM is a pure biological scrubbing system, which is capable of reducing the H2S concentration from over 9,000 ppm to less than 250 ppm. This system can be installed as part of a complete GWE wastewater treatment system at a new facility or incorporated into an existing anaerobic treatment process.

Curious to know how a BIO-SULFURIXTM can benefit your business?

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Start-up Brasserie La Valentine

Posted By GWE / August 10, 2021

One of the world’s leading premium breweries has committed to an upgrade of their existing wastewater treatment plant in France. The revamped installation treats wastewater with up to 85% COD removal efficiency and provides biogas for the production of steam.

Environmental footprint

Our client, a worldwide known brand that is served in 192 countries, takes responsibility and aims to be sustainable in all they do. Water is a very important factor, as one of their goals is to treat 100% wastewater of all their breweries by 2023.

Clean water

To deliver such high water quality, the treatment plant uses techniques such as primary treatment with our SUPERSEP™-DF technology and anaerobic treatment with our ANUBIX™-B reactor.
The compact SUPERSEP™-DF is a special lamella type separator developed by GWE and is particularly suitable for brewery wastewater. This system serves as a safety guard for the new anaerobic reactor. The ANUBIX™-B anaerobic reactor is a UASB type of reactor, which is equipped with an influent distribution system at the bottom of the reactor  and unique three-phase separators at the top of the reactor, where the mixed liquor is separated into clean effluent, biogas and anaerobic sludge

These highly efficient separators, developed by GWE to the present 7th-generation model, has proven to be very reliable in practice and allows peak reactor loading rates without significant sludge loss. As sludge loss is effectively prevented, the separator also allows for shorter start-up periods. The anaerobic effluent is then further treated in the existing aerobic treatment before it is finally discharged.


Biogas is a renewable and valuable source of energy. The biogas that is generated will be used to generate steam in a dedicated steam generator, which is another way to save energy.
The biogas will be desulfurized in a two-stage SULFURIX™ reactor in which the biogas is scrubbed with activated sludge from the aerobic treatment. After desulfurization, the biogas is dried in our GASODRIX™-H biogas dryer before is it compressed and transferred to the steam generator. By using the biogas as a source of energy, a contribution is made to a circular economy.

About the plant technology:

  • Coarse and fine screening
  • Second equalization tank
  • Biogas upgrade for use in steam generator using a two-stage SULFURIX™ desulfurization and GSAODRIX™-H biogas dryer
  • Odor control

For our customer Molson Coors in Canada, We are collaborating with FILTRUM to supply a new WWTP

Posted By GWE / June 18, 2021

Global Water & Energy designed the complete process and supplied all equipment while FILTRUM takes the lead for plant installation.

🔥 Together we are contributing to deliver a plant according to local Canadian regulations. The WWTP includes the following operational units :

– A pretreatment step composed by an Equalization Glass Coated Steel tank for buffering large flow variation and influent concentrations variation;
–   An influent heat exchanger and its CALORIX ™ Heating unit able to reuse biogas produced by the plant or Natural gas;
–   An anaerobic treatment step using the ANUBIX™ – B reactor;
– A biogas system using a ground flare;
–   A polishing  step through a post-aeration system for odor removal

Thanks Filtrum for the superb collaboration!

GWE Engineers jump into the design phase of a new anaerobic MBR wastewater treatment project for a large chocolate and confectionary producer in the USA.

Posted By GWE / February 16, 2021

Global Water & Energy was recently awarded a turnkey contract to design, supply and install it’s MEMBRAX™, an anaerobic MBR system. This is a unique solution that reduces the facility’s operating costs, while improving sustainability.

The project includes biogas cleaning and utilization in existing boilers. In addition, 100% of the MEMBRAX™ effluent will be sent directly to an RO system and processed for reuse. GWE’s advanced design eliminates the intermediate aerobic treatment step, reducing both capital and operating expenditures. The RO permeate will be reused in the facility’s cooling tower system, conserving over 40 million gallons of water annually. Once the GWE system becomes operational, this will be one of the most sustainable confectionary operations on the planet!

#sustainability #GoGreenWithGWE

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PepsiCo in Veurne: Expansion and upgrade of the WWTP to enable planned production expansion

Posted By GWE / January 21, 2021

Since 2016 PepsiCo in Veurne has been operating a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) designed and build by Global Water & Energy (GWE). The WWTP consists of an anaerobic ANUBIX™-B UASB reactor followed by a two-stage aerobic treatment plant for polishing, nitrification and denitrification.

PepsiCo in Veurne has announced a new production line and this production expansion requires an upgrade of the existing WWTP. Based on the expected increased wastewater load, GWE has designed an upgrade and expansion of the aeration capacity of the aerobic treatment plant.

During the summer of 2020 GWE installed the extra aeration capacity and upgraded the aeration basin to generate sufficient treatment capacity for the future wastewater load. Even under the COVID-19 restrictions GWE was able to finish the project both in time and on budget. PepsiCo is now ready for the production capacity and set for continuation of their production at the Veurne production site.

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Craft beer specialist Beavertown Brewery boosts sustainability with the new wastewater treatment plant from Global Water & Energy

Posted By GWE / April 22, 2020

Beavertown Brewery joins the forward-thinking companies by adopting the best practices in reducing the environmental footprint of their production facility in Enfield, United Kingdom.

Scheduled for completion by the end of 2020 custom-engineered wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is another achievement of the craft brewery known for its outstanding quality beers.   

The new wastewater treatment plant will treat up to 800 m3/day of post-production wastewater to guarantee that all local discharge limits are met at all times for maximum water bodies protection.

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Gulkevichsky Starch Factory – Global Water & Energy partnership to create a blueprint for waste reduction in the starch industry

Posted By GWE / March 2, 2020

One of the biggest starch manufacturers in Russia, Gulkevichsky Starch Factory (KZG) doubles its corn processing capabilities and mitigates the environmental impact by installing a new wastewater treatment plant from Global Water & Energy (GWE).

KZG increases its production capacity from current 120,000 tons a year and adds new quality products to its portfolio. The new wastewater treatment plant designed by GWE combines the most effective proprietary technologies to guarantee full compliance with all local environmental legislation.  As part of the partnership, GWE’s team will manage part of the project execution and train KZG staff to operate the newly built wastewater treatment plan successfully.

Engineered by GWE wastewater treatment plant for Gulkevichsky Starch Factory
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Global solutions for a greener future – Global Water & Energy has an answer to the new sustainability goals

Posted By GWE / January 20, 2020

With modern industry facing many environmental challenges, the expertise of the Global Water & Energy (GWE) allows businesses around the world to adopt the best practices to reduce their environmental footprint by making more efficient use of water and energy, the GWE technologies are solving some of the biggest challenges of modern industry – waste generation and fossil fuel dependency.

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Aquarama Trade Fair 2019 – For Water Technology

Posted By GWE / October 4, 2019

Please join the Global Water & Energy Group (booth no.70) in Leuven, Belgium, during the 14th edition of the Aquarama Trade Fair to discuss customized solutions for industrial wastewater treatment, green energy production and reuse of water for your industry!

In industrialized countries, 50% of water suitable for human use is consumed by industries. The estimated increase in future water demand and quality deterioration of the available water, forces us to think about the present water consumption, and the current standards both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants must achieve in order to secure the water supply for the years to come.

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IChemE Global Awards 2019: Global Water & Energy a four-time finalist!

Posted By GWE / September 9, 2019

As our engineering team finalizes the commissioning of the water reuse plant for a new brewery in Chihuahua, Mexico, exciting news reached us from the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

Global Water & Energy (GWE) has been shortlisted for IChemE Global Award 2019 in four categories! We thank the committee for recognizing the efforts of the GWE engineering team!

We would like to thank our worldwide partners and clients committed to leaving a greener footprint for a better and cleaner world for current and future generations – Global Water & Energy Group

GWE team at the Water Reuse Plant for the brewery in Mexico
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Global meat products exporter Carnes De Coclé takes another step towards sustainable development with new GWE wastewater plant

Posted By GWE / July 3, 2019

A Panamanian global exporter of meat products, Carnes de Coclé, S.A., is setting top environmental standards for the meat processing industry with a new Global Water & Energy (GWE) wastewater treatment plant engineered to achieve 98 percent organic matter* removal from the post-production wastewater.

Carnes de Coclé, a subsidiary of Panama Beef Packers Corporation, has always been committed to meeting the highest international food handling regulations by using the latest technologies and equipment the meat industry has to offer. 

“Therefore it comes as no surprise that this family-owned company selected proven GWE technologies to handle their meat processing wastewater in their Panamanian facility. With an expected reduction of 98 percent of organic contaminants from the wastewater, Carne de Coclé ensures to return high-quality effluent to the environment, without a negative impact on the local water bodies,” says GWE.

carnes de cocle WWTP SBR sequencing batch reactor
Designed specifically for Carnes de Coclé wastewater treatment plant
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GWE’s biogas in a balloon continues to boost both environmental and business performance at NH Foods Australia facility

Posted By GWE / April 29, 2019

A far-sighted green energy initiative made by the leading meat processor NH Foods Australia at their Oakey Beef Exports facility, is paying handsome dividends in terms of cleaner wastewater effluent, as well as a reduced carbon footprint and lower energy costs.

The Global Water & Energy (GWE) COHRAL™ (Covered High-Rate Anaerobic Lagoon) system was installed at Oakey by Australian environmental engineering and green energy authority CST Wastewater Solutions, which recently inspected the plant, as it approaches its landmark fifth year of service in southern Queensland.

CST found that the clean, compact, and robust plant is in outstanding condition, having required only routine maintenance over that time, as it continuously produces 3000-4000 m3 of biogas a day, depending on plant throughput.

NH Foods WWTP Cohral anaerobic lagoon
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Leading paper manufacturer PAPELERA NACIONAL S.A. profits from green energy

Posted By GWE / April 10, 2019

Global paper manufacturer and distributor PAPELERA NACIONAL S.A. (PANASA) is enhancing its sustainability with a new Global Water & Energy (GWE) wastewater treatment plant in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

The GWE anaerobic plant will convert organic contamination present in the wastewater to up to 4,200 Nm3 of biogas, which when utilized as a fuel, is an equivalent of 2,818 kg fuel oil per day.

PANASA has been producing Kraft paper since 1968. Throughout the years the company has increased its production, installed new equipment and optimized fiber control and preparation processes. Fifty years later, it can produce 18 times more paper, with annual production volumes exceeding 180,000 metric tonnes.

By choosing GWE’s solution, PANASA has the opportunity to tackle two of the most significant problems faced by the pulp and paper industry – efficient wastewater treatment and fossil fuel dependency.

PANASA’s Global Water & Energy wastewater treatment plant in Ecuador
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Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs 2019 | March 19 – 21 | Evenementenhal Gorinchem, Netherlands

Posted By GWE / March 6, 2019

aqua nederland 2019 promo banner


and ask about the possibility of turning industrial wastewater into green energy to reduce the fossil fuel dependency of your business!


For the 13th time, top specialists from Dutch water and wastewater treatment sector meet in Gorinchem to showcase their technologies and latest innovations. All looking for advanced solutions to enhance the sustainable development of their companies we encourage to visit GWE stand #L.135.

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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Exhibition 2019 | March 20 – 22 | Metro Manila, Philippines

Posted By GWE / March 4, 2019

banner renewable energy philippines


and ask about the possibility of green energy generation from waste and wastewater to reduce the fossil fuel dependency of your business!


This year’s edition of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Exhibition in the Philippines starts on March 20th. During 3-day event visitors will have a chance to discover the latest innovations in the area of the alternative energy sources, including GWE’s RAPTOR® A Complete Waste-to-Energy Solution – a winner of the IChemE Energy Award.

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ProFood Tech 2019 | March 26 – 28 | Chicago, USA

Posted By GWE / February 20, 2019

Be our VIP guest at ProFood Tech 2019!

ProFood Tech 2019 will open its doors on March 26, 2019!

It is an excellent opportunity to discover cutting edge environmental technologies for all food and beverage sectors which allow our clients around the world are solving the biggest challenges of the modern industry, which is waste generation and reduction of fossil fuel dependency.




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CCA brewery in Guatemala will reach 97% water quality improvement with GWE’s waste-to-energy technologies

Posted By GWE / January 24, 2019

Cervecería Centro Americana (CCA), a brewery located in Guatemala, is enhancing its environmental performance by using Global Water & Energy (GWE) technologies to convert the organic matter of the wastewater into biogas while achieving effluent quality improvements of 97% in organic matter removal.

The brewery based in Guatemala City will treat its wastewater with a combination of GWE technologies in order to remove contaminants and generate green energy (or biogas), which could be used to power boilers, or be sold back to the grid for a profit.

GWE – which has recently rebranded from Global Water Engineering to reflect a growing focus on turning wastewater into green energy – states that waste-to-energy plants, of which the company has installed more than 400 in 62 countries, typically pay for themselves within 2-5 years and afterward continue to generate profit, while reducing fossil fuel dependence and carbon footprints of environmentally minded companies like CCA.

CCA Brewery GWE technology ANUBIX T
Preliminary design of WWT at Cervecería Centro Americana, Guatemala
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FIFCO Costa Rica reduces the environmental footprint of the brewery with GWE wastewater treatment plant

Posted By GWE / November 27, 2018

Leading Costa Rican beer and malted beverages company Florida Ice & Farm Company (FIFCO) is reducing its environmental footprint with a new Global Water & Energy (GWE) wastewater treatment plant.

FIFCO, which has over 2,000 brands of beverages sold in 15 countries, produces more than 1.5 million hectoliters per year, including beer, spirits, juices, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, wine and dairy drinks, expects to double this by 2025.

FIFCO’s installation of a new GWE wastewater treatment plant adds further sustainability credentials to a company that is already leading the way in this field. FIFCO Costa Rica was the first Latin American company to receive the certification “Zero Waste to Landfill”.

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Environmentally attuned seafood manufacturer sets environmental standards with new GWE wastewater treatment plant

Posted By GWE / August 8, 2018

Turn-key plant from GWE has been installed at Indian Ocean Tuna Ltd, at its seafood processing operation in Victoria, capital of Seychelles.

Indian Ocean Tuna – an operation of the Thai Union Group Public Company – produces 2,000 cubic meters a day of wastewater in its processing and canning operations. The new GWE plant is designed to remove over 95% of organic contaminants from their waste streams.

The new GWE plant, commissioned this year consists of aerobic wastewater treatment and anaerobic digestion step for sludge and slurries. Anaerobic treatment processes includes our globally proven ANAMIX™ digester to achieve outstanding discharge qualities, and convert a mixture of wastewater and sludge into biogas, which can later be utilized to reduce the company’s dependence on fossil fuels.

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GWE rebrands in line with extended activities in the field of waste to energy

Posted By GWE / July 26, 2018

In 2018 Global Water Engineering organization – headed by Chairman and CEO Jean-Pierre Ombregt – celebrated the successful completion of more than 400 anaerobic digestion plants around the world. For over 27 years GWE has transformed organic industrial wastewater and waste into biogas to reduce dependence on fossil fuels of its customers.

Global Water Engineering name change to Global Water & Energy (GWE) started in 2018, to better reflect its growing emphasis on not only attaining wastewater quality improvements down to strictest standards by means of anaerobic digestion, followed by aerobic polishing and other technologies, but also on the significant increase of the biomass waste-to-energy valorization plants that bring profit to GWE’s clients around the world.

One of our big claims to success is that not only we clean up the environment, but also, we turn what was previously a costly waste disposal problem into an ongoing bottom-line profit for companies adopting it,” said Mr. Ombregt.

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The City of Chilliwack is building GWE’s high strength wastewater pre-treatment facility to handle the effluent from the new Molson Coors brewery

Posted By GWE / April 3, 2018

The City of Chilliwack, BC, Canada is building the GWE high strength wastewater pre-treatment facility to handle the effluent from the new Molson Coors $CAD200 million plant in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, which will produce beverages made with mountain-fed water at the foot of the North Cascade Mountains.

The 230-year-old beer maker, with 18,000 employees at 31 breweries selling the product in more than 50 countries, is scheduled to start production in its new state-of-the-art Chilliwack brewery in 2019, delivering about 1000 jobs in the construction phase, with another 100 working at the brewery as it attains full production.

Wastewater from the new brewery will be pumped to the new Chilliwack pretreatment facility, located adjacent to the existing municipal treatment works, from which it will then pass to the existing Chilliwack Waste Water Treatment Plant for final polishing and ultimate discharge. The pretreatment plant – which generates operating income for the City while removing the need for the brewery to invest in its own operators – has a capacity of 1500 m3 of wastewater a day, with the removal of 7500 kg a day Chemical Oxygen Demand, COD.

MCC City of Chilliwack – ANUBIX™ – B bioreactor
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Nicholas Meat LLC installs GWE’s RAPTOR® to reduce the environmental impact of its processing facility

Posted By GWE / March 15, 2018

As part of a drive to upgrade their management of both liquid and solid wastes generated in their facility and significantly improve their overall environmental and energy footprint of their operations, Nicholas Meat LLC is installing an environmentally harmonious wastewater treatment system and award-winning waste-to-energy technology.

The new facilities will be designed to recover both energy and water from waste products generated on site and significantly reduce the impact of the processing plant on the local community. The beef and veal processing and packing company has been a significant contributor to the economy of the Loganton, Pennsylvania area for over 30 years.

Their goal now is to vastly reduce their impact on their neighbors, set world-class environmental standards, and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, says Global Water & Energy (GW&E) Vice President, Mr. Ian Page.

RAPTOR® plant design for Organic Power, Puerto Rico
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Skol Brewery Ltd Rwanda uses energy produced from wastewater to heat boilers

Posted By GWE / March 9, 2018

The Skol Brewery has partnered with the GWE to turn wastewater organic pollutants into biogas to power its boiler equipment.

Rwanda has a strong need for sustainable technologies, with the World Health Organization’s African Regional Office identifying, that Rwanda undoubtedly faces significant environmental challenges, and needs to invest significantly in adapting to current climate challenges as well as in adaptation to future climate change1. Water shortages are also a significant problem in Rwanda, with water needs in Kigali city being only met at 50% or less especially in a dry season in a city with urbanization growth rate of more than 9% annually2.

Skol Brewery Rwanda’s new installation, incorporating some of the world’s most efficient and proven GWE waste-to-energy technologies, aligns Skol Brewery with top international environmental wastewater standards and demonstrates the company is taking important action to ensure the sustainability of its operations, says Jean Pierre Ombregt, GWE CEO.

ANUBIX™ – B reactor at Skol Brewery, Rwanda
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Organic Power’s GWE RAPTOR® to produce over 2 MW of green energy

Posted By GWE / February 9, 2018

Organic Power Ltd have chosen to install GWE RAPTOR® organic waste-to-energy technology at their new green energy facility in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico.

When fully operational in mid-2018, it will produce 2.055 MWe, making it another waste-to-energy RAPTOR® (RAPid Transformation of Organic Residues) installation of more than 200 successful GWE biogas utilization plants for clients worldwide.

The Vega Baja plant – in an integral part of a broad grid improvement programme in the northeast Caribbean nation – is currently undergoing mechanical and installation works, and is still on schedule despite two horrific hurricanes, Maria and Irma, hitting the area within the last six months.

RAPTOR® A Complete Waste-to-energy Solution Organic Power
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How did leading dairy manufacturer achieve environmental benefits?

Posted By GWE / January 9, 2018

One of the largest dairy production operations in the US is achieving outstanding environmental benefits from a Global Water & Energy, a member of the Global Water Engineering (GWE) Group of Companies, FLOTAMET™ anaerobic digestion plant that removes pollution from wastewater and transforms it into green energy to heat boilers.

The FLOTAMET™ – M system installed at HP Hood’s Vernon NY plant is a key component of an integrated wastewater treatment line installed by Global Water & Energy that is achieving 99 percent removal of organic waste material from high strength dairy production wastewater adding to the plant’s environmental benefits.

Removal of this outstanding percentage of the wastewater’s Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) load means wastewater effluent is leaving the plant is of such high quality that it dramatically reduces the impact of the HP Hood facility on the Town’s small municipal treatment plant, which receives the treated effluent, significantly improving their operation.

HP Hood WWTP Flotamet
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PANASA selected GWE’s technology for their new anaerobic wastewater treatment plant

Posted By GWE / November 16, 2017

We are very glad to announce that after a thorough supplier selection process, during which significant amount of renown international suppliers were consulted and many reference plants visited, Papelera Nacional S.A.(PANASA) awarded the turn-key construction of their new anaerobic reactor to Global Water Engineering (GWE) / SEMGroup Aqua.

The state-of-the-art solution for the kraft pulp and paper mill wastewater treatment comprises the latest version of GWE’s Anubix™ – T high rate expanded granular sludge bed (EGSB) reactor including all required auxiliary equipment and tanks. The new components will be incorporated into PANASA’s existing aerobic wastewater treatment facilities as a turn-key project. The Anubix™ – T will handle a future load organic load of over 12 tons of COD per day. The produced biogas will be utilized in the existing factory boilers.

anubix t paper industry
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Quantum Biopower using our RAPTOR® technology honored for green energy innovation!

Posted By GWE / November 9, 2017

A major waste-to-energy project in the USA incorporating GWE RAPTOR® anaerobic digestion technology has been honored as a Finalist in this year’s American Biogas Council Industry Awards.

The Quantum Biopower organic-waste-to-energy project in Connecticut USA began producing biogas this year that will be used to generate electricity, demonstrating financial and environmental benefits achievable locally and globally by converting up to 40,000 tons of organic waste annually into environmentally harmonious green energy and dry biofertilizer.

The plant, serving the central Connecticut region, incorporates its GWE RAPTOR® rapid anaerobic digestion system at the heart of its process that harvests mixed organic wastes for conversion into enough biogas (primarily methane) to generate 1.2 MW of electricity and up to 5.6 tons a day of dry bio-fertilizer.

For Quantum Biopower by GWE: RAPTOR® Plant
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Drinktec 2017: Save the date! September 11–15, 2017, Messe München

Posted By GWE / February 2, 2017

GLOBAL WATER ENGINEERING will be exhibiting at Stand 142 in Hall A3.

The World´s Leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry is taking place again at Messe München from September 11 to 15, 2017. Producers from all over the world will be coming here to meet with suppliers and customers. Once again DRINKTEC will be the platform for an array of world premieres. Drinktec covers the entire spectrum: the latest ideas and technologies in the manufacturing, bottling, packaging and marketing of beverages.

WEFTEC 2016 (Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference)

Posted By GWE / September 7, 2016

GLOBAL WATER ENGINEERING will be exhibiting at Booth 1801 (Netherlands Business Pavilion) during WEFTEC 2016. Find us on

Thousands of water and wastewater professionals will gather in New Orleans at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center from Sept. 24 to 28 to take part in the 89th Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC 2016). WEFTEC is the largest conference of its kind in North America, offering access to the most cutting-edge technologies in the field and opportunities for water quality education, training, and peer-to-peer networking.

GWE: We’re there for our clients!

Posted By GWE / April 8, 2016

At GWE, we are hands on with our clients, every step of the way. From conceptual design, to project construction, to start-up and long-term support, we make sure that every project is a success. Regardless of whether the project is a turnkey GWE system or simply technology supply, GWE strives to have a direct line of communication with our clients, ensuring that we can address their goals and challenges quickly. Recently, a GWE team from Europe set out to make a series of onsite visits to our clients in Mexico. The trips included stops at the GWE facilities at Daymiel (molasses distillery), Grupak (paper recycling) and Sabormex (coffee/food manufacturer).

All of the clients visited were very happy to have direct contact with our technical staff and GWE was able to gain first-hand knowledge of their continuing needs. Many GWE clients are repeat customers and we truly believe that our commitment to client satisfaction is what keeps them coming back.

site visit GWE

Treating the Untreatable.

Posted By GWE / April 6, 2016

Taking care of difficult to treat wastewater will soon be much easier for two sugar refineries in Indonesia. With its vast portfolio of treatment technologies and experience with an unparalleled list of industries and waste types, Global Water Engineering will be able to provide sugar refineries AF Sugar, in Jakarta, and MSI Sugar, in Medan, with complete treatment solutions for the highly concentrated wastewater, considered untreatable by some, that the refineries produce.

The wastewater must undergo a series of purification steps before the effluent can be safely discharged into the sea without affecting the local environment. With GWE’s highly energy-efficient, multi-stage evaporation system, followed by biological and physical-chemical polishing, both refineries will be able to consistently meet all effluent requirements. As a part of the new construction, the refineries wastewater treatment plants are also being upgraded to a higher capacity, with AF Sugar increasing to 73,000 m3/year and MSI to 102,000 m3/year. These turn-key projects will be completed and producing quality effluent in late 2016. Both wastewater treatment contracts were signed during the Belgian Economic Mission to Indonesia, led by HRH Princess Astrid of Belgium. To treat the untreatable – contact GWE!

Partnership in Ecuador.

Posted By GWE / April 6, 2016

GWE is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership! GWE is joining forces with SEMGroup to better serve the Ecuadorian market. SEMGroup’s Agua Member is a young and dynamic company that aligns with GWE’s philosophy to provide a complete service package to its clients.

With the combination of SEMGroup’s dynamic structure and qualified technicians and GWE’s long history of providing complete industrial environmental solutions, both existing and new clients will be able to get the best service on the market!

From compost heap to innovative biotechnology: a milestone for cheaper wastewater treatment

Posted By GWE / February 25, 2016

GWE’s proposal engineer, Dr. Ir. Emilie Courtens, is finding treasure in unexpected places. Dr. Courtens is studying ways to improve the efficiency of nitrogen removal wastewater technologies. Current biological nitrogen removal processes operate at low temperature. However, nitrogen removal at higher temperatures is seen as an attractive alternative to traditional treatment as the energy-consuming cooling system can be avoided for hot wastewater, less waste sludge is produced and smaller reactors are required.

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RAPTOR® is coming to Connecticut!

Posted By GWE / February 1, 2016

The State of Connecticut is aiming for a 60% recycling rate by 2024 and landfill diversion of food waste will be a significant contributor to this goal. As a major partner in this, Quantum Biopower is building the state’s first waste-to-energy facility, exclusively using food waste, on 65 acres in Southington, CT.

Utilizing GWE RAPTOR® technology, the system will have a capacity of up to 40,000 tons of waste per year, can produce 420,000 ft3 of biogas per day and generate enough electricity to power over 750 homes. The facility will accept a variety of wastes from local food processors, institutions, distribution facilities and other generators of food waste and provide a greener method of management for central Connecticut.

GWE’s full control of Global Water & Energy, LLC enhances North American access to award-winning green technologies

Posted By GWE / February 1, 2016

Global Water Engineering (GWE), has attained full control of the Austin, Texas based company Global Water & Energy (GWamp;&E), in a move that will enhance US and Canadian access to proven, award winning technologies. GWE owned 30% of GW&E’s shares since its incorporation in February 2009, but has now acquired the remaining 70%.

GWE Chairman and CEO Jean-Pierre Ombregt said the negotiated takeover would extend GW&E’s considerable record of successes in North America to date and further North American markets’ direct access to the latest GWE technologies, such as the IChemE Award winning RAPTOR® Process for thermophilic and mesophilic anaerobic digestion of all kinds of organic residues, and the FLOTAMET™ Process for anaerobic treatment of oil and fat containing industrial effluents.

Global Water & Energy, LLC becomes part of Global Water Engineering Group of Companies
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Posted By GWE / February 1, 2016

At Global Water Engineering, we know how important water is for life and business. After more than 40 years of successfully treating industrial wastewaters, GWE is expanding into the primary treatment water business.

From a wide selection of technologies, we now develop customized solutions for our customers by providing innovative water treatment in line with the highest quality standards. GWE helps its clients comply with the most stringent disinfection and purification specifications by applying both physical-chemical and membrane based solutions to deliver safe water for industrial use.

Going green with a bang!

Posted By GWE / January 20, 2016

There are no tears in the beers at Revolver Brewing! This family-owned brewery located southwest of Fort Worth, TX is getting bigger and going greener. As part of an exciting expansion, Revolver Brewing is updating its wastewater treatment system, going green and converting to a GW&E Industrial MBR System.

A great fit for the brewery, the enhanced treatment system will also produce a high quality effluent that is suitable for reuse as irrigation water and other uses around the brewery. With water being a precious, sometimes scarce, resource in Texas, reuse is the way to go and Revolver Brewing and GW&E are on target for green success!

Nipponham Foods praised as an environmental and business efficiency model for food producers worldwide – GWE COHRAL™ plant

Posted By GWE / April 15, 2015

A green energy initiative by the leading Japanese meat processor, Nipponham Foods at Oakey Beef Exports in Australia, has been praised as an environmental and business efficiency model for food producers worldwide.

The Global Water Engineering COHRAL™ plant installed by CST Wastewater Solutions – officially opened this month by Australian Federal Industry and Science Minister and MP for Groom Hon Ian Macfarlane – will extract green energy biogas from its wastewater streams to replace millions of dollars’ worth of natural gas currently consumed at the abattoir on Queensland’s Darling Downs.

Nippon Oakey Beaf Exports GWE's COHRAL waste-to-energy plant
The biogas storage design selected for Oakey Beef – a 6000 m3 capacity flexible PVC-coated polyester fiber flexible storage balloon
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GWE’s RAPTOR® wins 2014 IChemE Energy Award

Posted By GWE / November 24, 2014

Global Water Engineering (GWE) has won a major international chemical engineering award – IChemE Energy Award 2014, for its process by which it transforms food processing sludge waste from an environmental problem into profitable green energy.

GWE Chairman and CEO Mr Jean-Pierre Ombregt accepted the IChemE Energy Award from the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), which represents more than 40,000 chemical engineers worldwide and which staged the 2014 awards in the UK this month this month to recognize and reward chemical engineering innovation and excellence.

The IChemE Energy Award – sponsored by PM Group – recognizes the best project or process to demonstrate innovation in renewable energy, alternative energy sources, efficient energy use or the development of energy production methods that reduce energy and water intensity.

GWE’s entry involved a world first with Chok Chai Starch in Thailand, where a GWE RAPTOR® system is used to convert wet pulp waste product from the processing of cassava roots into biogas (methane) green energy, at their tapioca starch plant in Uthai Thani.

From left to right, Kate Silverton, host of the awards, Pascal Pipyn, GWE EVP Process and R&D, Jean-Pierre Ombregt, GWE Chairman and CEO and a representative from PM Group, who sponsored the Energy Award
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Case Study: Converting waste into bioenergy

Posted By GWE / June 11, 2014

Global food processor Remo-Frit utilizes an innovative waste treatment system that turns effluent and solid residues from its operations into biogas, which is then converted to electricity.

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Official opening of GWE do Brasil

Posted By GWE / March 3, 2014

Global Water Engineering (GWE) and the leading Brazilian company Uni-Systems have recognized the opportunities resulting from bringing their efforts together to better serve the Brazilian and Latin American market. The sum of talents of GWE and Uni-Systems has now resulted in a joint venture which will operate under the name Global Water & Energy do Brasil (GWE do Brasil).

GWE do Brasil capitalizes on all technology and knowledge accumulated by Uni-Systems over the course of more than 20 years of activity as a supplier of complete solutions for process manufacturing, such as food, beverage, sugarcane, pulp and paper and energy. Our combined mission is to help our customers increasing their growth and profitability while becoming more sustainable and efficient.

Biggest yet GWE’s WWTP to start up in Thailand!

Posted By GWE / February 1, 2014

GWE’s biggest anaerobic wastewater treatment plant ever, having a capacity of 300,000 kg COD per day and design biogas production of 115,000 Nm³/day, is scheduled to start up next month in Thailand. The client Ubon Bioethanol produces fuel grade ethanol for blending with gasoline at a capacity of 400,000 l/day based on cassava chips or 200,000 l/day based on cane molasses.

The factory and GWE’s plant received Royal visit last December 18, 2013. Pictured at the Plant at this occasion is GWE’s Executive Vice President Process and R&D Pascal Pipyn.

New project for SAB-Miller!

Posted By GWE / January 4, 2014

WE received orders for anaerobic (ANUBIX™-B) effluent treatment plants for 2 breweries owned by SAB-Miller, one in Maputo, Mozambique and one in Swaziland.

Those are GWE plants n°22 and 23 for this world leading beer and beverage group, and with this Swaziland becomes country n° 51 with at least one GWE plant.

GWE sold its first COHRAL = Covered High Rate Anaerobic Lagoon system

Posted By GWE / December 8, 2013

GWE sold its first COHRAL = Covered High Rate Anaerobic Lagoon System, to Nippon Meat Packers in Oakey, Queensland, one of Australia’s largest beef processing plants.

The purpose of the Plant is to reduce the abattoir’s dependence on natural gas by replacing ca 50% of it by biogas, reduce their carbon footprint and produce a cleaner final effluent.

GWE’s Asia-Pacific green energy starch project achieves international recognition

Posted By GWE / April 19, 2011

Global Water Engineering has achieved international recognition for an Asia-Pacific cassava plant project that uses advanced technology to reduce pollution, save power and enhance profitability at the same time.

GWE partnered Chokyuenyong Industrial in Thailand to cut effluent COD pollution levels at its cassava production plant by more than 95 per cent while extracting gas from its wastewater to power its boilers and generate electricity for its own use and to sell back to the provincial grid.

Highly Commended Global Water Awards 2011
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Forward-thinking global manufacturer safeguards the environment and the future with green energy

Posted By GWE / April 1, 2011

A global manufacturer and exporter of specialty food and industrial starches are today reaping the benefits of innovative investment decisions taken back in the days when oil was six times cheaper than now – and green energy and clean water were pioneering concepts.

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Asian breweries realize the overlooked green energy potential of wastewater.

Posted By GWE / January 1, 2011

An international leader in realizing the potential of green energy production from brewery wastewater says recent projects in Asia illustrate the huge global scope for methane recovery technologies that cut costs while increasing environmental sustainability.

GWE has installed anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment plants for more than 100 brewery customers worldwide with total effluent capacity in the brewery sector equivalent to about 1 million kg Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) a day.

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New Bluetongue Brewery targets world’s best practice in water usage.

Posted By GWE / November 30, 2010

An environmentally sensitive brewery that makes more beer out of less water while using less energy has commenced production in the home of one of the world’s leading beer drinking countries, Australia.

Pacific Beverages’ new Bluetongue Brewery in New South Wales features a state-of-the-art water recovery plant, which targets best-practice water reuse standards. The water recovery plant also provides renewable energy for the brewery, reducing its dependence on fossil fuels.

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Latin-America takes off

Posted By GWE / November 18, 2010

GWE’s global expansion conquered Latin-America as the last continent. After starting in Europe and the Asia-Pacific area, operations were first extended into North-America and Africa.

In recent years GWE targeted Latin-America. Mexico and Venezuela have brought many projects in the past years. Most of these projects were for the food and beverage industry. More than 30 such projects have been delivered in the last few years, together with competent local business partners, treating together more than 600,000 kg/d COD, equivalent to the pollution of 5 million people.

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SUPERSEP™ gets a twin sister

Posted By GWE / November 17, 2010

For years GWE’s SUPERSEP™ lamella separator system has served well in many projects and for many clients. This very compact system is particularly suited to treat high flows of wastewater with moderate amounts of well settleable solids. A typical application has been for solids removal in brewery wastewater, before further treatment in advanced high rate systems.

For different applications and for recovery of biological sludge from the effluent of biological reactors, digesters, and lagoon systems, GWE has developed a twin system to its classic SUPERSEP™, now called SUPERSEP™ – DF due to its predominantly downflow operation mode.

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