Effective and affordable waste and wastewater treatment systems

Over the past 25 years, together with hundreds of companies around the world, we have increased global environmental awareness, and watched as many countries have taken proactive, forward-thinking steps to improve regulations regarding air emissions, the disposal of wastewaters and organic wastes, and require better management of residuals generated in the manufacturing, processing, and distribution of food and other organic materials.

For many companies, rising energy prices and waste treatment costs have significantly affected their total production costs, and as a result, have limited their future growth. To grow and thrive in today’s marketplace, companies need effective, reliable solutions to the management of wastewater and residuals that provide value while meeting the basic need of treatment.

Today we can look back at our journey from our first anaerobic treatment installation, through the expansion of our technology portfolio and geographic reach, and on to the future with an expanding business in waste-to-energy applications with RAPTOR®.

Our world-class anaerobic solutions, a wide range of aerobic reactors and advanced physical-chemical treatments allow us to serve a wide range of industries. From agribusinesses and crop processing plants, though to meat, fish, dairy and food and beverage processing facilities, including breweries and factories focused on pineapple, cassava, snack foods and the whole spectrum of top 20 food products globally.

We are proud of our track record of satisfied customers, innovative solutions, and unique installations and applications, and extremely pleased that we have been able to help our clients generate millions of cubic meters of biogas that have been used to not only provide economic value to their businesses but also to, in no small part, contribute to the overall “greening” of industry around the world.

For many industries around the world, the significant benefits of a decrease in fossil fuel dependency, wastewater reuse and recycling, and carbon footprint reduction have been proven and are now widely practiced.

High performance and reliable technologies from GWE for all industries


As treatment technologies have progressed and improved, the overall sustainability of food and beverage production plants has also improved, with significant reductions in energy and water use, carbon footprint, and general environmental impact. This has helped fuel further growth of many businesses and helped sustain their position in the marketplace.

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Beer & Beverages

Breweries are significant consumers of water in their production processes, and a substantial portion of a brewery’s overall energy consumption is a result of water and wastewater treatment. In many parts of the world, the availability of sufficient amounts of water is under severe stress, and costs continue to rise as a result.

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The conversion of organic wastes into energy by biochemical methods has been increasing dramatically over the past 5 to 10 years. Transformation of high-strength wastewaters, slurries, food wastes, and various other organic wastes into biogas, “green” electricity, renewable natural gas (RNG), and heat is one of the most effective and sustainable methods of diverting organic waste from landfills.

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Pulp & Paper

Paper and paper products are something that all of us utilize each day. While a wide variety of useful products can be made from paper, the transformation of wood, straw, bagasse and other materials in the paper is a very complicated process that requires significant amounts of water and energy.

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With GWE as your partner, you can count on complete wastewater and waste evaluation and treatability services, to determine the suitability of various treatment technologies that can help make your business “greener”, while simultaneously decreasing your overall waste disposal costs.

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