Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Exhibition 2019 | March 20 – 22 | Metro Manila, Philippines

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and ask about the possibility of green energy generation from waste and wastewater to reduce the fossil fuel dependency of your business!


This year’s edition of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Exhibition in the Philippines starts on March 20th. During 3-day event visitors will have a chance to discover the latest innovations in the area of the alternative energy sources, including GWE’s RAPTOR® A Complete Waste-to-Energy Solution – a winner of the IChemE Energy Award.

RAPTOR® – Unleashing the power of organic waste!

RAPTOR® stands for RAPid Transformation of Organic Residues. It is a robust liquid state anaerobic digestion process that converts almost any organic residue (waste) or energy crop (substrate) into biogas, “green” electricity, renewable natural gas (RNG), or heat.

The process consists of enhanced pretreatment followed by multi-step biological fermentation, and typically includes digestate treatment, biogas conditioning, and utilization.

A RAPTOR® plant is a total solution, from the logistics for the organic waste intake and handling and ending with the production “green” forms of energy.

RAPTOR® A Complete Waste-to-energy Solution Organic Power

Organic Power

Vega Baja, Puerto Rico

RAPTOR® A Complete Waste-to-energy Solution Stormfisher

Stormfisher Environmental

London, Ontario, Canada

RAPTOR® A Complete Waste-to-energy Solution Quantum Biopower

Quantum Biopower

Southington, USA

RAPTOR® A Complete Waste-to-energy Solution Remo-frit

Van Remoortel REMO-FRIT

Verrebroek, Belgium

The detailed design of GWE’s RAPTOR® systems is always adapted to the specific needs imposed by the three major application sectors: industrial, agricultural and municipal.

Times in which you have to choose between the profitability of your business and the protection of the environment are gone. Follow the example of hundreds of GWE clients and increase the sustainability of your business with GWE technologies.

With almost 30 years experience in design, construction and operation of anaerobic wastewater and waste treatment plants and thirteen proprietary anaerobic reactors types most companies operating in beer & beverage, food industries, biofuels production, pulp and paper mills, chemical industries generating wastewaters high in organic pollutants can benefit from our expertize and application of our technologies.

Do not waste your Energy and meet us in Metro Manila!

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