Craft beer specialist Beavertown Brewery boosts sustainability with the new wastewater treatment plant from Global Water & Energy

Posted By GWE / April 22, 2020 / Related technologies: ANUBIX™ – T EGSB,

Beavertown Brewery joins the forward-thinking companies by adopting the best practices in reducing the environmental footprint of their production facility in Enfield, United Kingdom.

Scheduled for completion by the end of 2020 custom-engineered wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is another achievement of the craft brewery known for its outstanding quality beers.   

The new wastewater treatment plant will treat up to 800 m3/day of post-production wastewater to guarantee that all local discharge limits are met at all times for maximum water bodies protection.

Made to measure design, with proven technologies

Having Global Water & Energy (GWE) as a partner allows breweries such as Beavertown, achieve the highest performance standards of the waste treatment plants, as well as an organic waste to energy systems thanks to the application of the proven and reliable green technologies.

With almost 30 years of operational experience, every solution GWE develops has to demonstrate that sustainable development and business profitability are not mutually exclusive concepts. The same rule applied to the ANUBIXTM – T EGSB reactor installed as the heart of the WWTP at Beavertown.

The EGSB stands for Extended Granular Sludge Bed and is one of the few anaerobic upflow systems GWE has to offer. With a high height to diameter ratio of the EGSB reactor the required footprint of the treatment system is significantly reduced. Guaranteed high organic matter removal efficiencies of the system convert to high biogas generation ratios, contributing to the future green energy potential of the brewery.

“Waste-to-energy plants are the way of the future because they have the unique benefit of simultaneously achieving environmental outcomes and financial payback. Many plants are using biogas captured during the wastewater treatment process to replace natural gas. The savings often result in the plant paying for itself and then going on to generate further profits after that,” says GWE.

Via outstanding industrial wastewater treatment systems, robust biogas valorization plants, and world-class water reclamation plants, hundreds of companies in 64 countries have already benefited from the unmatched blend of experience and innovation that GWE has to offer. 

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