Paper and paper products are something that all of us utilize each day. While a wide variety of useful products can be made from paper, the transformation of wood, straw, bagasse and other materials in the paper is a very complicated process that requires significant amounts of water and energy. For that reason, anaerobic treatment with renewable energy generation has long been a greatly favored method of treatment in the pulp & paper industry.

Recycled paper, bleached paper, cardboard production and other paper mills will all generate waste streams with different compositions.


They require proven and efficient technologies to effectively treat the high strength wastewaters generated, in order to prevent environmental pollution and restrict the production plant operations.

COD concentrations of various waste streams in the pulp and paper industry:

  • Black liquors 30000 to 100000 mg/l;
  • White liquors 2000 to 10000 mg/l;
  • Evaporator condensates 4000 to 8000 mg/l;
  • Deinking 2000 to 4000 mg/l;
  • Mixed / paper mache 1000 to 10000 mg/l.

Contacts us and let GWE offer you a tailor-made solution that will effectively treat your wastewater with simultaneous biogas generation and utilization for further profit.

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